Friday, March 22, 2013

Additional Features of Google Chrome Making It More User Friendly

Google Chrome is perhaps the best internet browser, in comparison to those of Mozilla or Microsoft
Performance of JavaScript and browsing speed are certainly higher in Chrome than any of its counterpart. 
However, Google Chrome has the ability to perform even faster provided the user makes certain favorable adjustments.
Optimized web browsing experience can be achieved through utilizing various experimental options provided in the browser – Chrome
They even use the GPU and CPU to provide faster web browsing experience.
In order to prove its worth, some of the features of Chrome have been described, along with the nature of adjustments to be made, in order to experience real power of the exquisite browser. 
Experts are also of the opinion that with such changes made in Chrome browser on the desktop users would certainly have an added edge.
Several crucial options are usually buried under the menu of Chrome for security reasons. 
They prevent browsers from accidentally mismanaging the browser. 
However, the functional prospective of such controls are described here.
Hidden experimental zone of Chrome
Any user can access the hidden options of the browser and experiment with various activities. 
The browser should be launched in order to check out the vitalities of such experimentation.
A user would be able to jump into a page that contains a series of options that can directly affect browsing quality and performance. Any user can access the page by launching Chrome and typing chrome://flags/ in the designated address field.
Extension of power
Installing the latest version of Chrome would provide an array of applications for the browser. 
Such extensions are certainly designed to make Chrome more efficient, leaner and even meaner than before.
In addition to these, FastestChrome also helps in adding time saving tools to the browser. 
Display feature by a pop-up bubble with option to search for a keyword in four different search engines is definitely an added advantage over any other contemporary browser.
Installing Chrome Toolbox helps in accessing multiple bookmarks through a single click. It even helps in avoiding re-typing, provides advantage of image magnifying and even accessing videos directly from the browser.
Extension of Google Quick Scroll would help users to snoop down into search items over the internet. The extension would definitely help to get a highlighted preview of searched text. 
Clicking on the box would take the user directly to the searchable item over the internet.
Flip switches
Google’s Chrome browser even presents flags menu with a list of options where experiments can be made. 
A few of the listed options interfere with performance of the browser.
The option of ‘override software rendering list Windows, Mac, Chrome, Linux OS’ helps to override the in-built software of Chrome and permits acceleration of GPU on unsupported configurations of various systems. 
Running GPU drivers would help to minimize loading period of videos and games.
Managing the option of ‘GPU accelerated SVG Filters Windows, Chrome, Linux, Mac OS’ can even lead to speeding up the process of loading any webpage. 
Successful loading of heavy webpages using effects of visual filter and heavier drop shadows at a quicker rate can be managed through this option.
In addition to these, even several other options would definitely help in experiencing better and faster service of Chrome that would eventually help it to become the most user-friendly browser of the world.

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