Saturday, March 9, 2013

Looking Forward to Second Generation of Apple iPad Mini

Looking Forward to Second Generation of Apple iPad Mini As the sales of Apple iPad Mini (NASDAQ:AAPL) reaching new heights and consumers responding to it so well, many have started visualizing the second generation of the Apple iPad Mini.

Most of the experts also feel that it is not only giving a hard time to its larger tablet counterparts but is also likely to continue in the driver’s seat for long, a trend not often found in the gadget market.

Official Speculation

In fact, the official speculation about the launching of the second generation iPad Mini has already commenced and many are getting mentally prepared for such a device in the near future.

A recent report floated on CNET confirms this trend in the electronic gazette market. 

What Analysts Say

According to one of the leading analysts, Doug Freedman of the RBC Capital Markets, who had been on a tour to China going round the chip companies there, the Apple generation 2 iPad Mini is already in the offing and it will hit the market through many new buyers and the TXN is likely to take the lead in this regard.

The Mystery Continues

Despite all such rumors and predictions, no one is sure exactly when the second generation of iPad Mini is going to hit the market.

Some believe that the words “pulled in” found in the statement of Freedman refer to substantially bumping up release of the second generation iPad Mini.

Yet the mystery continues since the pioneer in the entire scenario, the Apple itself, is still more or less silent about coming up with a second generation of the device.

First Generation Still Rolling

At the same time, one cannot overlook the fact that first generation iPad Mini is still rolling and Apple is marketing them world over including the large markets like China, Russia, and India. With the first generation mini so popular, the company might not have thought it the opportune time to come up with the announcements about a second generation mini.

Recently Introduced

Moreover, the present model of iPad Mini which is cellular enabled has been introduced only recently in China besides the fourth generation of the iPad.

As the device is faring well in the market it may not be commercially prudent to come up with a substitute that could have better features and could outsmart the earlier one.

In such case the investments already made in the first generation iPad mini could turn out giving negative returns which no company, and that includes Apple, will like to experience.

It Does Not Make Sense

So all said and done, it really does not make sense talking about the second generation of iPad Mini and its introduction in the market by Apple when the first generation is very much alive and rolling till now. 

Everything in the gadget world is transitory and it is obvious that the first generation Apple iPad Mini will outlive its utility in days to come, especially in view of competitions from other tech giants in the market.

But just at the moment talking about second generation iPad Mini seems a bit premature.

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