Friday, March 8, 2013

Google+ Sign In Service Changes

Following the footsteps of the popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Google has changed its sign in process of Google plus.

There is no blind following however and the changes have the stamps of Google twists on them.

Making the Platform Social

Google has now made its Plus platform more social in nature and they seem to be following the pattern hitherto hallmarks of popular social media sites.

Websites can now be accessed using the Google accounts as such changes have been affected in Google+ platform.

The process is something like the ones followed by Android and iOS applications.

Challenge for Social Media Sites

Basically it is a challenge for the social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as Google now allows the Google account of users to sign into different websites and applications.

It was so far the exclusive domain of these social media sites and viewers may not be surprised to find the captions like “log in with your facebook/twitter/youtube/linkedin/Google accounts” where Google is a new entrant.

It will also substantially enhance the Google’s web presence.

Easy for Mobile and Web Developers

Now the mobile as well as the web developers will also be able to accept the Google sign-ins though it will be largely dependent on the permission requested by apps and as authorized by the user.

Till now Google+ did not allow full access to developers but now onwards it will allow full access to developers just like the Google Drive and Google Calendar.

According to the engineer director of Google, David Glazer, the development is most spectacular and significant among all the developments made in recent times by Google.

Companies Allowing Sign In

Some companies like Fitbit that previously allowed sign in with Facebook only will also allow sign in with Google now.

In doing this they will also follow the customary process of two step authentication. Just like they did on Facebook, the viewers can now share information on the web through Google+ with their friends and associates.

Fitbit is not the only company that has allowed such sign in facilities and there are many others like the, UK Guardian, USA Today, and Some of them even opine that singing in with Google is a better way of approaching them simply because of the reason that the viewer does not have to create an entire set of new username and password.

Making Up for Lost Time

In fact, Google is trying to make up for the lost time.

Though they have been around for over two years now, Google has not yet matched up with the other social media sites in offering third party sign ins.

Flexibilities now offered by them aims at countermanding the shortfall and to match the Facebook connect, Twitter, and Linkedin sign in; all of which are there for around 4 years or more.

It will also open up the way for third party developers to enable their users to post updates and comments to Google+.

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