Thursday, March 14, 2013

Apple Should Upgrade iPhone5 for Greater Customer Satisfaction

After leading the market of smartphones for a long period Apple seems to be lagging behind in customer satisfaction, with launching of Google’s Android.

Market research has clearly found out customers dissatisfaction regarding iPhone 5 in comparison to Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Although the hardware quality has improved drastically, but it is unable to match qualities regarding software when Android is taken into account.

According to reports, unavailability of timely updates of software involved is a major cause for Android, although it has ensured greater customizability.

Experts have pointed out revision on several sections of iOS that might help a lot in improving customer satisfaction and provide it an edge over Android systems.


iPhone does not come as a better option when multitasking comes in question.

Windows powered gadgets are running steadily in this regard.

Apple’s devices require tapping on home button for accessing various applications.

On the other hand, swiping function on the screen provided at Windows gadgets, come as highly innovative step.

Apart from this, Google’s Android system has also integrated excellent services of web into the operating system.

Google maps and the voice application of Siri are way ahead of Apple’s map and voice service.

These areas need to be refurbished if Apple wants to lead the markets again.

Experts suggest that Apple should readily update its App Store, which is perhaps the most appreciated factor among customers throughout the world.


When notifications come to the forefront, iOS suffers a huge blow in comparison to Android.

Limited options in this regard have certainly blocked Apple’s chances to fair better than Android.

An Android user is able to access almost every options of connectivity, including GPS, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth.

However, experts have suggested use of a jailbreak for the latest iOS version.

According to reports, this sort of jailbreak provides greater freedom to users for tweaking iOS.

Reports also suggest that over 7 million customers have found its advantage until date.

A jailbroken iPhone would support installation of a popular application, NCSettings.

This application would make notification section of Apple’s iOS more user-friendly.

Third-party applications restrictions

While committing to secure operating system, Apple has taken an extreme step by restricting the process of sharing between any third-party applications.

iOS does not provide easy sharing of all favorite applications, other than a few through Twitter and Facebook.

Android, on the other hand, provides the option of sharing URLs from all browsers.

Android programs help users to select various keyboard applications like, Swiftkey or Swype.

However, if an iOS is concerned, users would have to set them manually on every occasion.

Many experts believe that Apple had not laid stress to intrinsic improvements lately, leading Android to lead current market with innovative features.

However, they also believe that Apple’s iOS certainly possess exceptional qualities that cannot be discarded at all.

Certain adjustments and innovations, including lifting some restrictions currently imposed by Apple, would lead to greater freedom by users to explore new technological horizons.

Such measures would also help Apple to stay way ahead of Google’s invasion.

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