Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Microsoft Gearing for Better Marketing of Surface

Microsoft is heading for a fresh re-start and re-define its strategies for marketing Surface tablets and come up with new models and series of products under the head. 
With this move, they are hoping to be able to woo consumers and push the market towards the new Windows 8 powered touch-screen devices
Surface will be lined-up in various fronts including wider range of availability, increased number of model variation, revamped and broader range of production.
However, with a view towards acceptability of the product by the consumers all over the world, as noticed with official launch of the device last year, experts are giving a second thought to the plan made so far by Microsoft
Lower sales of Surface just after launch fueled the rumors that Microsoft had slashed production of the device.
A transcript revealed by Seeking Alpha provides information that Peter Klein, chief financial officer of the company, has quoted on Microsoft’s Q2 earnings. Accordingly, he had said that the company is going to expand its boundaries, launching new Surface line-up. 
They are planning a better product line-up and even taking extensive steps for expanding capacity and retail distribution of Surface. With these up gradations in the line-up of the product and strategic marketing policy, Microsoft is eying to hit the tablet market with a bang.
The chief financial officer also mentioned many times that sales of Surface devices contributed a major share in getting Microsoft’s revenue growth to eleven percent. 
This shows the nature of the demand of such gadgets in the market.
Highlighting Microsoft’s failure
In response to slashing of production of the new range by Microsoft, Klein retorted that they were unable to deliver the product at many such instances. 
This clearly shows Microsoft’s intent to distance itself from any information regarding slashing the production rate of Surface tablets.
Another important factor that might have led to constraints faced by Microsoft points towards the rules of accounting related to promotion of the up graded version of Windows 8 operating software. 
They have even acknowledged the fact regarding their inability to meet the demands of consumers and have missed out an important opportunity to prove themselves as a better manufacturer of tablets and notebooks with touch-screen facility.
According to the viewpoint of Microsoft, OEMs has so far been able to utilize the high-priced spectrum. 
This might be the real cause resulting to failure of building touch-based quality devices in a large quantity. 
Past failure to utilize better price of spectrum and low-priced touch-based advanced systems are posing threat to OEM, in their highly cherished mission of re-furbishing a favorable market of the said devices with an affordable price.
Analysts’ depiction and Microsoft’s strategies
Analysts have made estimation that sales record of Surface RT by Microsoft had been around one million, in the first quarter of its launch period. 
They are also expecting sales to get nudged up in the coming quarter in case they take initiatives to expand distribution of the Surface series to thirteen more countries in Europe. 
Microsoft’s effort to come up with its tablet range showcases only one aspect that the company is using to slice out Windows 8 OEMs. 
It is even argued that they are planning to something bigger than that and are way ahead to come up with varieties of touch-screen gadgets of various price range.
Peter Klein has also claimed that they have noticed great demand of Surface and other touch-screened gadgets in the market of recent times. 
This has compelled them to bounce back into this sphere, with total control this time. 
However, he even added that due to high demand they are not always able to fulfill customers’ wishes.
Klein further added that Microsoft is working in close ties with OEMs for ensuring that they would be able to produce great touch-screen oriented gadgets in affordable prices, without compromising with their quality. 
They are even trying to come up with devices with special features that would suite a variety of requirements of individuals in an unique manner.
However, Klein stressed on the price factor and features of the gadgets that drives customer-interest in any consumable product of the market. 
On the other hand, taking cue from the previous disaster made by Microsoft Corp., experts are not assured whether the company would be able to re-launch its next venture with Surface tablets and regain the market.

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