Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Samsung and Apple Leading In Smartphone Business

According to reports from IDC, smartphones are dominating over 50 percent of overall market share of the present age,

Samsung and Apple being the dominant companies enjoying a lion’s share of business in smart devices and enjoying high market reliability.

Although it is argued that there is ample scope of growth for the companies, yet, there is virtually no sign that can become obvious reason resulting in their displacement from the position.

With the present trend of smartphone market, it can be concluded that the war of grabbing a respectable position among the customers and global market is over, as of now, with Apple and Samsung trying to gain a lion’s share.

Recent observations have revealed that Android has emerged as a winner in this extensive battle, exploiting the greatest share of smarphone business in global market.

Although records are showing that there is a slight dip in overall expectation on part of Apple, yet it would be tremendous mistake on part of experts to conclude that the company would leave the arena shortly.

Even the same can be said in terms of Samsung.

According to IDC, Apple has recorded 21.8 per cent of share in the global market of smartphones, while that of Samsung occupies 29 percent.

However, the latest figures of market sales regarding mobile gadgets released by research company of IDC hails Samsung and Apple for being able to secure the leading position in global market.

Accordingly, Samsung engaged in shipping 63.7 m devices during fourth quarter,
on the other hand, Apple is said to have shipped 47.8 m gadgets.

These two companies together emerged holding half of the entire smartphone market throughout the world, recording 45.5% total market share of mobile devices.

With no signs of danger from Nokia’s Windows Phone, experts throughout the world has determined that the war between grabbing market shares between the companies have nearly come to an end.

Android claiming to be the highest gainer out of this market, while Apple can be termed as the second best in leading the world market of smartphones.

On the other hand, BlackBerry and Windows Phone are able to cater a meager part of share in world market.

According to market analysis, smartphones are clearly taking charge in the market wiping out traces of featurephones.

Accordingly, the last quarter of previous year witnessed a fall of about fifteen percent in sales of featurephone, while popularity of smartphones showing rise to a whopping forty percent each quarter.

It is even calculated that given such expansion and demand of smartphones in the market, the wonder gadgets will surely capture more than fifty percent of world market at the end of ongoing quarter of the year. 

Strategies by companies to get hold of smartphone market

With the growing market of smartphones, competitors are now looking towards some low-end Android handsets and even lower specifications of smartphones to fill the gaps and attracting a section of buyers.

Many experts are terming Nokia’s Asha to fulfill such promises.

However, many experts are unwilling to categorize Asha as a smartphone since it does not provide facility of third party application through the handsets.

On the other hand, the device helps in operating Opera as an internet browser to connect to the web world. 

Growth factor for smartphones

However, experts still believe that there is ample scope for Apple and Samsung to increase their market in respect to smartphones.

According to studies and analysis, experts are pitching for further room for rise in at least sixty percent of smartphone market globally and that too at each quarter, for coming year or so.

On the other hand, experts also believe that there is much less a market of such advanced devices other than the companies of Apple or Samsung.

However, with many experts terming this era gradually proceeding towards closing down the battle of smartphones, questions ponder regarding the future of such devices and the companies.

Well, critics are pointing towards unfolding of another technical revolution that has been marked with rumors of futuristic Google Glass.

Even gadgets

Pocketable and even wearable, equipped with voice alerts might emerge in near future.

Hopefully, those gadgets will surely make life even easier and better that what the smart devices of present times are offering.

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