Monday, March 4, 2013

Google Nexus 4

Feature wise as well as in terms of price, Google Nexus 4 can certainly vie for the top spot in the market. High definition screen, power system equivalent to the Galaxy Note 2, and above all, the affordable price, makes it extremely popular among the buyers.

When it comes to Android phones, Google Nexus 4 is certainly a contender for the top spot.

High quality features combined with affordable price makes it favorite of the buyers.

Pros and Cons

Of course like most other phones in the market the Google Nexus 4 also has its pros and cons but the former clearly outweighs the latter.

Some of the greatest advantages of the phone are bargain basement price, latest Android Jelly Bean, extremely satisfactory performance, high definition screen, and extraordinary camera functions.

On the downside is the lack of expandable memory and 4 G as well as non-removable battery.

Yet the downsides are fewer and almost negligible in comparison to the upsides.

The Difference

How is Google Nexus 4 different from other Android phones?

For one, usually the Android phones offer dull specs at affordable price and buyers looking for high performance elements may find the price too high for their comfort.

That is where the Google Android phone Nexus 4 stands out as it combines the rare elements of excellence and affordability into one.

Features of Google Nexus 4 include quad-core processor that is extremely efficient performance wise, 2GB of RAM that is high for any Android phone, bright and clear 4.7 inch display not usual for Android phones in its price range, and above all; the latest 4.2 Jelly Bean software.

And all these are available at the starting price of just £239 that is almost half of most of its rivals in the market.

This is the price of 8 GB model of Google and the 16 GB model costs just £40 more at £279. 

The Cliche

There is however one cliche in all these.

Currently both the versions of Google Nexus 4 are out of stock and have been so for a considerably long time span.

Both Google and LG are silent on the issue while there are already rumors in the air about the sequels to both these model coming up shortly.

Deceptive Appearance

One of the downsides of Google Nexus 4 is that it does not look particularly impressive by appearance but it is something like a camouflage.

It is well said that all that glitters is not gold as many excellent looking devices fail miserably when it comes to performance.

Though not domineering in looks with a single phase glass in the front and glass back side as well, performance wise the Nexus 4 is still the best among all Android phones.

Turn it on and the seemingly mediocre device jumps to life and generates and experience for the user that is beyond normal expectations.

Wonderfully bright as well as bold; the 4.7 inch display not only makes the images and features look great but places sharp focus on the fine text as well. It would be difficult to miss anything with Google Nexus 4 and almost equally difficult to not admire it.

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