Monday, March 4, 2013

Smartwatch Samsung GALAXY Altius Leaked

Amid speculations of iWatch from Apple, a collection of innumerable screenshots representing a smartwatch from Samsung has fueled speculation in the entire market.

Several images displayed on a Korean message board have created ripples of speculation regarding such a smart device that can actually get into a head on collision with iWatch from Apple.

However, both the products are yet to come to surface and declared as of now by various experts, that they are at a speculative stage.

The series of screenshots, as presented over a Korean message board, had exposed a product by the name of GALAXY Altius.

However, there is also a speculation that Samsung is going to market another device, Galaxy S IV, very soon.

The message board has also flashed several shots of SKTelecom and SKT at numeral occasions, fuelling speculation that the device would be launched along with data plan from a definite mobile operator of South Korea, initially.

Speculated features of smartwatch

According to what has appeared on the screenshots, experts have deducted that software of the product resembles something related to an Android platform.

It can also be a basic interface powered by Java, maybe something of REX series from the company.

It is speculated that the upcoming speculated smartwatch from Samsung would probably come with 500 x 500 resolution of pixels, which is even possible given the technical developments that Samsung has been able to achieve recently.

Screenshots revealed, has also indicated a code name "Samsung-GA7".

The device is featured with an LCD display along with AltiusOS beta2 software version.

The Korean message board also revealed that the upcoming smartwatch would come with 125MB internal storage.

A certain percentage of internal storage would be used for other purpose, making it a symbiotic gadget.

The Korean massage board has even featured screenshots of the smartwatch, revealing a series of various tiles – email connection, clock and a music player.

A notification associated with email would also indicate the number of unread messages on the screen itself.

A bar at the lower portion of the screen also suggests that the device would have the facility of touch screen. 

Speculation regarding brand naming

It is also mention worthy that the brand name of ‘Samsung Galaxy Altius’ was proposed to SamMobile, at a later part of last month.

Experts had also speculated that Altius would be revealed as a flagship device of Samsung. In the mean time, Samsung has already confirmed that they are working GT-19500 and have so far considered the name of an upcoming device to be Samsung Galaxy S IV.

This has further fuelled the rumors that the company is certainly working on the smartwatch and it could be revealed as Samsung Galaxy Altius.

Experts are also considering the fact that Samsung might be working on its upcoming devices of smartphone and smartwatch under the same name of Altius.

They might come up with a series of next generation smart gadgets under the brand name, Altius.

However, such intentions are also not clear and the experts are quite apprehensive of such action by Samsung.

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