Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mozilla Launching Firefox OS To Compete with iOS And Android

Mozilla is planning to launch Firefox operating system to heat up existing war of supremacy over the market.

The said OS would support standards of open web, especially HTML 5, for majority mobile devices.

It is also speculated that the first device would come up in the market during mid 2013, but would take time to hit the United States.

This week, Mozilla Foundation has announced its wish to launch the OS commercially during middle of the current year.

A preview of such mobile device operating system would be launched with four OEMs and seventeen operators.

According to Mozilla, a program of smartphones with operating system of Firefox is entirely a new concept to standards of open web. It would enable development of features through application of HTML 5.

This would furthermore, provide flexibility of platform for carriers and help in tailoring their interface.

The resultant effort would come in handy for developing localized services to match various unique needs according to different customer base.

Mozilla Foundation has even revealed that they are looking to unlock the web and open scope to unwrap mobile applications.

This would in turn create more opportunity and possibility for developers, as well as various consumers.

Vice President of mobile partnerships at Facebook, Vaughan Smith also added that the operating system would even help to search items and create downloadable applications.

This would further help to create and consume applications according to clients’ demands and they would have total control over a range of smartphone applications.

The upcoming operating system of Firefox would include every facility that people expect from an ideal smartphone – messaging, calls, camera, emails and other features.

Social networking and web browsing services would also be offered in the gadgets powered by the latest mobile OS.

Analysts have also pointed out that Mozilla is able to position its latest OS for mobile systems outside Google and Apple obsessed market.

This strategy to target clients who are more sensitive to standards of open web and even open source messaging might turn out to be a crucial aspect of marketing strategy.

The Vice President of mobile partnerships went on to add that clients appreciate gadgets that help in easily accessing social networks and provide a natural flow to mingle with peers.

Firefox operating system would come in handy to the consumers since it is aiming to access mobile web version of social networking pages, including Facebook.

This would certainly add to an advantage for the upcoming OS. Experts believe that this is a great move by Mozilla for making its debut to capture global market, focusing on standards of open web.

Application of a different technology with an entirely new approach is considered a crucial strategy to counter existing giants like Google and Apple in current market scenario.

 However, initial launch of this upcoming operating system would take place in the countries of Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Hungary, Spain, Venezuela, Serbia, Montenegro and Poland. Mozilla’s latest Firefox OS would hit the markets of the United States at a later period.

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