Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Can Google And Facebook Survive Through Ages?

With emergence of newer players in the industry, question has risen regarding duration of survival of Google
However, the question was initially raised by a librarian when Google’s co-founders first signed their project to digitize all printed books of a university. 
Even, the idea that Google can vanish with course of time, had never appeared on the minds of the founders of Google.
However, the words of the librarian are stressed upon presently. 
The massive genre of Google and their vastness of wealth and size along with dominance over the entire world of World Wide Web cannot be diminished at all. 
This has become a major concern for experts who are unable to find a cue to what would happen in case Google extinct.
The present leaders of internet world are Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook. 
However, around two decades ago, Apple was on the verge of extinction; Amazon just had their way into the internet; Google was trying to get business foothold while Facebook was not into the scenario.
Rise and fall of Microsoft and Intel
It is a well-known fact that market trend can change its course at any time. 
The rise and present condition of Microsoft and Intel can rightly be taken as a burning example to establish this factor. 
Founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, had never imagined that his Company would ever see a situation of extinction, as the phase it is undergoing currently.
Although Microsoft and Intel are still playing a crucial role in IT sector, yet there is no doubt that, their dominance over the market has radically diminished.  
Even the modern-age processors are currently being developed by a company of Cambridge, ARM; overtaking Intel entirely.
Google’s count on its future
Taking cue from all events, Google is finally considering its present dominance over the market. Even it is for sure that Apple would not be able to reap in the profit share for the rest of the time. 
Every company will have their last laugh in this ever-increasing competitive nature of business over internet world.
Facebook’s technique to tackle the problem
Facebook has found a unique business model to tackle the situation, at least for a longer period to come. 
They have turned users into products and earn profitable margin through selling information regarding them to various advertisers. 
However, since the account holders are not directly responsible to pay for the service, their long-term association with such a business can certainly come under question. 
Yet, experts are mesmerized about the business structure of Facebook.
The networking dominance of the company is certainly paving its way for survival of the business in near future. Dominance of network effect is playing a vital role for emergence of Facebook as a leading business entrepreneur in this arena.
Evidence from research study
Certain studies and researches by experts have revealed that problems may arise in case any networking site or internet company tries to merchandise information of its users to advertisers or other third party organization for generating revenue.
Google might come to an end in case any other company introduces a better search engine service; while Facebook is enduring over its networking strength. 
However, experts feel that Facebook needs to put a brake over its monetizing effort, in order to ensure survival in the long run.

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