Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Microsoft In An Aggressive Move For Marketing Windows Phones

Microsoft has put on the gas for aggressive marketing policy to promote its Windows Phones and upcoming Windows 8 software.

It is also said that Microsoft has decided to follow the footsteps of Research in Motion, makers of BlackBerry devices, to wage its war against Android of Google and iOS of Apple.

Microsoft has become desperate to grab its position back in the market since it is facing huge threat from both Android and iOS, in both fronts of personal computer and smartphone markets.

General Manager, platform evangelism and developer, Matt Thompson believes that still now there is ample scope and opportunity to built innumerable beneficial apps for new-age devices of smartphones and tablets.

According to him, the market for apps is still in its blooming stage. Although market statistics are showing its fingers other way round, yet, Microsoft believes that they would provide the largest scope for developers of application.

Thompson has even provided certain data in support of his view that states over eighteen thousand new registered app developers have evolved after Windows 8 was released.

Steps taken by Microsoft for aggressive marketing

Microsoft has reverted to aggressive marketing, on the lines of RIM, in order to challenge the on growing threat from iOS and Android gadgets.

Its desperate measures can be evaluated by various promotional strategies.

Microsoft has engaged in continuous media blitz, both in television and magazines.

The leading software builder has even encroached upon the back cover of the recent Macworld magazine issue, in order to reach to a greater audience.

Although it is not sure, whether they would be able to convince existing users of iOS and Android gadgets to switch their preference to Windows gadgets, yet they are trying hard to squeeze out as much as they can.

They have even engaged the employees to attend conferences around the globe and pitch for Windows operated devices in order to slaughter the tremendous growth of Android, iPhone, iPad and even Mac devices throughout the world.

Is Microsoft a victim of perception?

Although Microsoft has been the leading software producing company for along time indeed, it is on a verge to lose potential customers, both on the fronts of smartphones and personal computing devices.

Naturally, question arises whether there is a crisis regarding changing perception of customers regarding the company.

The answer is certainly, ‘yes’.

Windows phone is not able to hit the buzz as news of iOS and Android gadgets were able to make prior to their launch.

Experts are also highly skeptical regarding success of Windows 8 in the coming period.

It is alleged that the software requires costly gadgets of touchscreen components.

Even the operating system is said to be maligned as Windows Vista.

Expensive interface and hardware change for its users is perhaps the most challenging provision, which will turn out to be a deterrent in thwarting the scope of Microsoft’s invasion over touchscreen market.

Analysts are also of the opinion that Microsoft should revise their marketing policy of following the footsteps of BlackBerry and refine their strategy in order to gain advantage from the market.

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