Friday, March 8, 2013

Google Glass Connect with Android and iPhones Via Bluetooth

In the world of smart phones, question of compatibility has always been a major issue and there are few that would be compatible with both Android and iPhones.

For such people a couple of good news is that Google Reality Headgear at the average cost of around $1,500 and Google Glass with compatibility for both Android and iPhone is going to be available by the end of 2013.

While the Glass would be able to collect data from Wi-Fi and also use 3G/4G feed, it will not have its own cellular radio.

Stepping Down From Platform Wars

It seems that Google is not keen on escalating the platform compatibility war now prevalent in the world of smart phones. In the process they have not locked iOS out of ecosystem used in the Glass.

Instead they have tried to enhance the flow of information for the new invention in every possible manner. 

Enhancing the Information Flow

Also, as with the rumored iWatch, squeezing a cellular radio (and another data plan) into the device doesn’t make much sense, especially since the entire target audience already has a smart phone.

In fact, Google clearly appreciates that locking out the flow of information by not introducing platform independence may not make much sense in view of the buyers’ interests.

Managing Huge Potential

Google Glass has real huge potential for collecting and using data and the real challenge for the buyer would be the appropriate use of the data so collected.

According to Joshua Topolsky of the Verge; it is not at all difficult managing the information so collected.

Instead, according to him the challenge for Google is to pursue the users to wear something that is as alien as well as unfashionable as the Google Glass.

Fashion Not An Issue If the device is efficient and can work well for the users, fashion may not make much difference in its popularity.

It is just like the Android phones many of whom are highly popular despite not being very fashionable like the Google Nexus 4.

According to the product director Steve Lee,

Google is still trying to understand how its clients are going to use the device.

They are looking forward to the feedback they will get from the uses.

Unique Camera Device

One of the questions raised by Topolsky is about the unique camera device added to Google Glass that do not need to point and shoot and can even work without the knowledge of the owner.

Major question is whether the users and others would be much too comfortable with such devices and how Google is going to develop the Glass etiquette?

Most Radical Feature

Most radical feature of Google Glass is its ability to record things that stands right in front in the most unobtrusive manner.

While this could be great achievement from the perspective of data flow and also remarkable in term of social sciences and marketing, there are also the potential dangers related to such unobtrusive performance of the device that is radical to say the least.

To sum up, the greatest experiment that is currently a challenge before Google Glass is to determine the cut off line of such automatic use of the technologies.

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