Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ferris Comes As a Boon to Developers of Google App Engine

Development of custom application in Google App Engine is reported to be simplified with release of Python framework, an open source.

The company, Cloud Sherpas, which plays a major role in business implementing services related to cloud computing, released the open source framework on Thursday.

The Director of development of application at Cloud Sherpas, Tim Lockyear, confirmed the report over a telephone interview.

He informed that the team was working to develop software that would make creation of custom app engine projects easier, in addition to help interacting with Google Apps. 

Advanced software, Ferris, described to be a Python framework, would be useful to accelerate development process of Google App Engine.

The new software is named after an honorable character of work-avoiding protagonist from the film ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Since 2007, Cloud Sherpas has boosted over three thousand customers.

They have even projected to incur revenue worth $100 million in this current year.

They deal in businesses that help various companies in deploying services related to cloud computing like those of and Google Apps.

During 2012, Cloud Sherpas was loosing many opportunities to develop custom applications that were being presented through enterprise clients, since there were fewer tools for accelerating the projects related to Google App Engine.

The service was hit due to non-availability of advanced tools that are highly necessary to develop custom applications for App Engine.

Such a situation resulted in longer duration and increase in cost of production of such applications that various clients were able to offer. 

Characteristics of Ferris, the software to simplify app development According to the Director, Tim Lockyear, Ferris helps to provide a platform preventing developers to engage in redundant job related to wiring of application components.

He even stated that Google Apps help to provide content and collaborative creation tools but does not incorporate flow of work or process of business applications.

Furthermore, the director even stressed on the fact that Ferris, of Cloud Sherpa would come in handy for Quality Distribution Inc., (QDI).

The software would help the logistics company regarding delivery and ticketing system, and even updating its pick up through an application of Android tablet.

According to the vice president of IT at QDI, Cliff Dixon, the resultant application has proved to be useful for providing real-time package tracking to the customers, that too through a paper-less process.

He even mentioned the importance of such application software in providing timely delivery.

Accordingly, Ferris has played a vital role to help the company achieve an acclaimed position in the business regarding app development, over the last year.

Even Lockyear has rubbished the idea of letting away such an impressive application away, in the coming days.

The application framework would turn out to be of great value for the general market.

Experts are keeping their fingers crossed regarding total usage of its utilities by most of the big players in the market of application development.

Ferris would trigger momentum in the process of programming App Engine more swiftly and would even contribute in its development in the new future.

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