Thursday, March 7, 2013

Touch Enabled Laptops

With emergence of touch-facilitated software, Windows 8, various companies are turning to launch touch-enabled laptops for new generation.

However, it is being argued that the concept of touch screen in laptops and desktops are not new.

Early 1980s has seen certain unsuccessful experimentation of touch screen powered devices, which experts considered as unusable.

Modern laptops with facility of touch screen are definitely showing advantages of this new software.

Gadgets with touch screen are flourishing in the market at a rapid rate.

Microsoft is on its way to re-establish its position by coming out with advanced touch-enabled Windows 8 software for computing gadgets (both laptops and desktops) in this modern era.

However, experts are considering all facets of this revolutionary move introduced by Microsoft to redesign its technology and reclaim its position in the world of technical marvel.

Advantages of modern day touch screen laptops and desktops

Experts used to believe that prolonged use of touch screen laptops is associated with infliction of ‘gorilla arm’.

Constant stretching of arms for prolonged period increases strain to arms.

However, the notion has been discarded after several successful experiments were conducted.

Tests have revealed that using touch screen enabled gadgets with software designed for keyboard and mouse increases certain problems for the user.

However, advanced Windows 8 is really above these difficulties.

Modern systems with Windows 8, enabling touch facilities, have brought about several radical transformations to make touch-mechanism a fun experience for users.

Small icons have been erased and larger ones have come into position, which are easier to tap with the help of a fingertip.

Microsoft’s touch software posses no difficulty in zooming or even closing windows.

A simple slide with fingertip does the job easily.

Experts have also found this phenomenon to be natural than clicking the mouse.

According to David Pogue, a tech journalist of New York Times, Windows 8 is available in two packages and even has a desktop mode that comes in great help for users of traditional Windows interface.

Touch facilities in desktop mode of Windows 8 becomes rather difficult and users would feel comfortable to use traditional methods of keyboard and mouse for operating it. Several popular software like Photoshop or iTunes can be accessed through desktop mode.

Google has even launched an advanced version of Chrome, compatible to the modern touch-enabled software.

However, its standards have not been able to satisfy users.

Modern marvels without touch facilities 

Although Apple cannot be held responsible for innovating touch-enabled gadgets, yet they have revolutionized the concept with trendy gadgets in this new world.

However, they have not yet considered such innovation for either laptops or desktops.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and responsible to bring in technical revolution, had voiced his concerns against use of touch-enabled laptops.

According to him, iPads and iPhones were far ahead in revolutionizing touch-enabled features and introducing such in laptops would not mean to bring in any added feature.

In response, Apple brought out multi-touch gestures in the trackpads of latest MacBooks.

With all such changes coming to the forefront, Microsoft can hit the bull’s eye taking certain added steps.

They would get an upper hand by engaging any reputed third party for building software to address some problems that are creeping up for the moment.

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