Saturday, March 16, 2013

Microsoft Takes Steps to Upgrade Tools For IE

Microsoft has finally taken steps to upgrade its internet browser after facing stiff competition from counterparts like Mozilla and Google.

However, it will still be wrong to say that Microsoft was unperturbed with introduction of advanced browsers over the past few years.

The company went on to test several versions of Internet Explorer, but was unable to overcome the dominance of its competitors in the market. 

With its ambitious project of Windows 8 coming to the surface, Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned in order to revive its fading glory.

The company has even undertaken a campaign under ‘Browser You Love to Hate’, in order to provide important information regarding special features of their latest version of Internet Explorer.

It is becoming quite a challenge for Internet Explorer to stand up to its competitors and prove itself as a leading browse in the market.

Many websites are simply not supported by it. Lack of upgrading by Microsoft has a major role to play for this purpose.

In recent times, users are switching to counterparts like Chrome by Google and Mozilla for better experience in internet surfing.

Even Opera has launched an advanced browser and has even announced to come up with other upgraded features in coming days.

This has led Microsoft to look for alternative avenues to either provide compatible and advanced browser of IE or launch several tools for helping web-developers in their quest.

There are even older versions of IE browser by Microsoft that is even not compatible with Windows 7 OS also.

Apathy towards quick up gradation of IE has cost the company a lot, losing a loyal customer base who has switched to other browsers that are doing the needful.

On their mission to regain market, Microsoft has finally taken up the task to introduce newer tools that would prove to be beneficial for various companies in testing out compatibility of their website with the latest browser.

These tools of latest Internet Explorer, is said to entice modern web developers, and even help in making compatible websites.

According to General Manager of IE, Ryan Gavin, Microsoft is on its mission to help the web surge forward and allow web developers to spend crucial time in undertaking innovations regarding the process, rather than only testing.

The tools are an essential armory for developers that would help in this process.

He even added that Microsoft has found out that their customers are finding it difficult to continue their association with the older versions of their browser, since many advanced and faster browsers have entered into the arena.

Utility of the tools

In order to promote the latest internet browser, Microsoft launched a website ‘modern.IE’.

As a promotional strategy, Microsoft even collaborated with a service of browser testing with BrowserStack.

It is an arrangement made for assisting website developers and helps them in testing websites on any browser, supported by Windows.

Microsoft has released an official declaration citing that the advanced tools featured in their new site will prove to be beneficial for web-developers in ensuring that their sites would work effectively over Internet Explorer and any other browser of modern age.

The tools provided also include one for scanning purpose.

It is said that developers would find it useful in determining compatibility factor of any webpage on Internet Explorer, by simply entering the page’s URL.

They will also be able to access virtual testing tools supported by Firefox, Chrome and even Max operating systems and test the website from them, directly and consider compatibility with IE.

Future plans

According to recent information, Microsoft has still not been able to deliver an RTW version of IE10 compatible to Windows 7.

They have declared that crucial tests of IE10 for Windows 7 are going on for over a year.

Microsoft has even provided certain blocker toolkits compatible with other updated versions of their internet browsers.

In case these tools are not installed, the browser would be able to upgrade itself automatically whenever an advanced version is launched.

Microsoft is trying their best to bring out an updated IE10 compatible to Windows 7.

A late yet an effective movement taken by Microsoft was highly essential for the company, which is turning out to lose its crucial market in various respect.

Perhaps it is time that Microsoft adopts timely and faster measures in future to look into such crucial details for maintaining a sovereign position in global market.

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