Friday, March 15, 2013

Apple Expected To Launch iOS Supported iWatch

Apple is said to be gearing to launch its much - anticipated iWatch this year.

However, sources are of the view that the device would aim to possess certain health indicators, like health-related sensors and pedometer.

According to Bloomberg Jony Ive, designer of Apple, has tremendous fascination for watches.

The Verge has also reported that Apple is planning to launch a full version iOS device, but added that they are yet to overcome certain problems with the battery.

 According to various trusted sources, Apple was really in its venture to come up with a revolutionary iWatch with various advantages.

Ever since the report rolled out last month, experts have certainly looking towards revelation of the device by the company.

In fact, Bloomberg has even reported that the suggested iWatch is merely one of the upcoming wearable gadgets that Apple is planning to present this world.

Reports of Bloomberg also suggest that Apple is presently trying to rework the entire iOS system for the watch, rather than merely incorporating the functions of newly released touch-feature oriented iPod nano.

Nilay Patel of Verge has also reported that Apple might be experimenting to come up with a cross product line associated with the patented operating system of iOS.

Information of such features to be included in the upcoming gadget of Apple has really turned huge expectation among various experts and consumers throughout the world.

Experts also believe that Apple is going to present a utility gadget, rather than merely producing an iOS operated watch.

 Features of upcoming iWatch, according to various sources

Bloomberg has revealed that the highly anticipated device would not be just running on iOS, but have extensive useful and utility features.

Apple is designing the gadget, making it worthy to compete with certain existing products like fitbit and Nike FuelBand.

Rumors are also doing rounds that the device would feature a pedometer, like that of iPod nano and additional sensors to detect human health.

Sources have also revealed that experts at Apple are facing certain difficulty regarding the battery operation of the fully iOS supported iWatch.

Accordingly, the battery is currently delivering service for a couple of days, while Apple is working on the matter to increase its power for a few more days.

They are on a mission to upgrade the quality of battery and expecting it to work for at least 4 or 5 days.

According to Verge, Apple has deployed a team of more than a hundred engineers to come up with a solution regarding the challenges related to life expectancy of battery of the upcoming product.

According to rumor mills, Apple is planning to inculcate a technology of supercapacitor for the battery of the upcoming wonder device.

This would certainly not increase the life expectancy of the batteries, but would empower it to get fully charged within a few seconds.

Apart from this, it is also possible that the device would feature radio.

However, it is very unlikely that it would support 3G or 4G network just like the iPhones.

The iWatch is even said to feature an attractive LED screen with red or blue backlit facility.

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