Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dell Unveils Advanced Server Prototype

Dell has reportedly unveiled a prototype of hyperscale server with 64-bit ARM and x86 processors.

The advanced prototype server is said to be equipped with management software that will help in controlling chips from single console from remote area.

Iron, as the server prototype has been code-named, is Dell’s latest innovation that allowed them to explore functional capabilities of server based on ARM. The company is targeting a market of hyperscale centre of data management with their latest prototype.

The company unveiled the prototype server last week, at the Open Compute Summit that took place at Santa Clara.

The latest prototype of server has been developed in a manner that allows installation of both ARM processors of 64-bit on a single motherboard.

It even follows the technology of earlier x86 chips installation method.

Dell even provided a demonstration of their prototype server software at the Summit to make other participants believe in their latest technology for remotely controlling the processors from a particular console.

According to the general manager and vice-President of Data Center Solutions group of Dell, Tracy Davis, introducing a 64-bit processing unit would help in striking a balance between I/O and power that would eventually help in overall growth.

The GM even added that Del had been in to this sphere from a long time and had been working on its appliances for coming up with such an advanced server.

Although Iron is still not ready to be marketed at the moment, yet Davy assured that the company is surely to progress on the innovation in the coming years.

The earlier server by Dell, Copper, had 32-bit processing support including four ARM servers for each board.

Latest Iron has undergone improvements in innumerable terms with introduction of x-Gene chip from AppliedMicro.

This up gradation has powered the server to achieve computational power up to 64-bit, including increased six nodes per board.

Demonstration of the latest technical marvel has tickled the interest of many and Dell is said to be gearing up on a mission to build its potential as a great player in this particular genre.

If the project turns out to be a success, Dell will certainly lead its way and prove to have gained potential for offering an efficient energy-processing unit that can handle huge volume of web requests.

The said server prototype shall play an important element in future that would help in the process of searching through web search engines or social networking applications. 

Advantages going in favor of Dell

Jim Pike, technologist and Chief Architect of Data Center Solutions of Dell, mentioned in a blog that any interference or difference in numberings, messages, commands, payloads or even conventions on remote management might lead to a tragic disaster in case any administrator scales innumerable multisource devices.

This open source management software will help staffs of IT in this process by providing a common response from the chips involved.

Global Marketing Director for Data Center Solutions of Dell, Drew Schulke further explained the advantage of such an advanced and powerful server.

According to him, ability of a single chassis for running x86 chips and ARM will prove to be beneficial for several companies.

The technology will allow running of large data firms into nimble-scaling operation.

According to him, ARM powered lightweight servers suit presentation of layer in a typical Web 2.0 architecture in a rather easier way, saving massive chunk of memory.

While adding to his explanation, Schulke even added that the cache layer of memory and other related parts would be supported by x86 chips.

However, he stressed that ARM has a lot of potential rather than just perform the function to deliver Web Content.

The Global Marketing Director has even vowed that the latest technology will serve its purpose as a cost saving unit. 

It is even argued that intentions of Dell to open guess for buying out plans continues to fill the biz-world. Tracy Davis has even rightly pointed out the business of server by Dell has continued to increase even at a time when the stock of the company was facing major value during last year.

It is even argued that trend of the market has eventually pointed towards the fact that Dell’s truce with investors leads to a competitive hyperscale market.

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