Thursday, March 14, 2013

Samsung Releases Android Powered Refrigerator

Samsung is revamping its strategy to become world’s leading company, releasing products of technical marvel.

Its latest gift to the consumer this year is pioneered with an innovative refrigerator that claims to run on advanced Android Jelly Bean.

The refrigerator is even equipped with a Wi-Fi enabled ten-inch touchscreen, on its door.

 World’s first Android enabled refrigerator is reportedly to be available at a price of $3,999.

For now, all Android supported applications cannot be installed in the product.

Yet, refrigerator T9000, from Samsung electronics, is said to run a number of applications that helps its user to browse variety of recipes, manage the duration of expiration of different perishable food items such as, milk, yogurt etc., and even make list for shopping.

For people who find it hard to keep track of their food’s expiration date, an application of Android refrigerator will help them in following the expiration date of such perishable products.

Apart from these advantages, the user can also use applications like that of Epicurious and Evernote.

These dedicated applications, enabled in the said Android installed refrigerator to search for innumerable recipes and even note them down on the screen and memory of the revolutionary device.

The multi-purpose display screen even provides the user with information such as weather reports, current news updates and even inputs from Twitter accounts.

It even displays integrated Google calendars, by replacing hand-written ones.

The advanced system is even programmed to display photo slides according to user’s preference.

Vice President of Samsung, dealing with division of home appliance at Canada, Warner Doell, is right when he attributes the technical marvel as a hub of kitchen and family.

Since refrigerators constitute an essential part of a kitchen, upgrading its operating nature for betterment of kitchen-management is absolutely necessary.

With such an innovative refrigerator, users now-a-day need not to carry their tablet or other internet-facilitated gadgets into their kitchen for screening through new recipes.

In addition to these facilities, Android applications of Evernote and Epicurious will surely provide their useful contribution.

According to vice president, Doell, the Android powered refrigerator will definitely help the users in a leading manner.

They can enter the ingredients that they have in the refrigerator into the application which would thereby search over the internet and show some of the tastiest recipes that can be produced with them.

Another important characteristic that the refrigerator provides is the shopping list created on the screen of the device can be easily transferred to the smartphones and tablets for carrying them to the grocery stores.

The vice president of Samsung home appliance division of Canada even mentioned that the modern era would evolve as a period of converging technology across every category of product, binding them into a single platform of operating software.

Samsung is making its way into this genre and taking measures to lead the world in this arena of technical revolution.

How can the Android powered refrigerator helpful in the present world of smartphones and tablets?

There are such so many advanced technical gadgets of smartphones, tablets and other upcoming devices for accessing internet in order to get innumerable recipes and other ingredients for making tasty dishes.

Yet, the advent of such Android powered and internet accessing application oriented refrigerator has resulted in questioning their relevance by many experts.

Warner Doell has countered this argument with his visionary structure of future world.

He may be right when he urged that the device might look as an unrealistic hi-end product at this age; however, it would surely be regarded as a necessary product in the coming years.

Technical advancement and human being’s dependence on technology was never the same in recent past, as it is of now.

Android refrigerator will certainly be useful in easing setting’s management of several features regarding temperature and other preferences of user.

The vice president even stressed on the fact that this Android featured refrigerator is a path-breaking equipment that would eventually lead to encroachment of such advanced operating software into other home appliances like air conditioners, lighting etc., in the near future.

In such a case, it is rightly concluded that refrigerator T9000 (android powered) is a vital invention that would become a delight for the modern generation who loves to use technology for their convenience.

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